I'm A Memphian

by Dan Conaway


“Dan Conaway’s unique style serves up a filling plate of introspection with a goodly amount of entertainment on the side. I have enjoyed his weekly 'rants' for several years. His humorous walks down memory lane serve as parables that probe just enough of our foibles to help us each reach out and become a better neighbor. Enjoy this slice of our city.”

A C Wharton, Jr.

Mayor, City of Memphis


A lifelong Memphian, Dan Conaway is a communication strategist and freelance writer. He has owned everything from ad agencies to creative boutiques, promoted everything from ducks in The Peabody to Grizzlies in the NBA to pandas in the zoo, and won recognition for his creativity at every level. Along the way, he has never lost his fascination or his frustration with his storied hometown, and he shares his passion for both equally in his columns and posts.

As Nora, his wife of 42 years, and his grown children, Hallie and Gaines, say, "He is often wrong, but never in doubt.” His column, Memphasis, is posted weekly at www.wakesomebodyup.com, and published weekly in The Memphis Daily News and in The Memphis News.